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α. About me

An organic self learning algorithm trying to simulate , analyze & understand how things work by constantly trying to work at a high Reynolds number flow of thought, where the characteristic length is the size of the human brain, the velocity being the rate at which I do work, even though the density is as small as the ratio of what is known to what is unknown and the viscosity being as high as the  physical constraints in one’s life that cause turbulence in the mind, affecting the laminar streamlines of thought itself !

Personal Details

Nationality :  Indian
Date of Birth :  9th January 1986
Email :  abishek1986 [at] gmail [dot] com
Other interests :  Music, Shuttle Badminton, Blogging

β. Educational Qualifications

γ. Research interests

  • Single and multiphase jet-impingement heat transfer
  • Radiation heat transfer
  • Magnetohydrodynamic convection
  • Double-diffusive convection
  • Diffusion and flow through porous media
  • Supersonic gas dynamics and shock interactions
  • Ablation
  • Nanofluids

δ. List of Publications

International Journals (Peer-Reviewed)

  • S. Abishek, R. Narayanaswamy, V. Narayanan, 2013, Effect of Heater Size and Reynolds Number on the Partitioning of Surface Heat Flux in Subcooled Jet Impingement Boiling, Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 59, pp. 247–261
  • S. Abishek, R. Narayanaswamy, 2012, Coupled Effects of Surface-Radiation and Buoyancy on Jet-Impingement Heat Transfer, ASME J. Heat Transfer, Vol. 134 (8), pp. 082203-1 – 14
  • S. Abishek, S. S. Katte, 2011, Magneto hydrodynamic Buoyant Convection of an Electrically Conducting Fluid in a Tilted Square Cavity, Heat Transfer–Asian Res., Vol. 40 (1), pp. 49-68
  • S. Abishek, S. S. Katte, 2010, Magneto hydrodynamic Thermo-Solutal Buoyant Darcy Convection in a Square Enclosure, Int. J. Heat and Tech., Vol. 28 (2), pp. 107-118
  • S. Abishek, K. S. Ramanujam, S. S. Katte, 2007, View Factors between Disc/Rectangle and Rectangle in Parallel and Perpendicular Planes, J. Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, Vol 21 (1), pp. 236-237
  • K. S. Ramanujam, S. Abishek, and S. S. Katte, 2006,  Differential View Factor for a Rectangle with Intervening Parallelepiped or Sphere, J. Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, Vol. 20 (3), pp. 604-607

International Conference Proceedings (Peer-Reviewed)

  • S. Abishek, R. Narayanaswamy, V. Narayanan, 2013, Experimental Study of Low Frequency Pulsating Liquid Jet Impingement Cooling in a Confined Planar Geometry, Proc. 22nd National and 11th International ISHMT-ASME Heat Transfer Conference, Kharagpur, India, HMTC1300111
  • S. Abishek, R. Narayanaswamy, V. Narayanan, 2012, Effect of Standoff Distance on the Partitioning of Surface Heat Flux During Subcooled Jet Impingement Boiling, Proc. 18th Australian Fluid Mechanics Conference, Launceston, Australia, paper-ID: 302
  • S. Abishek, R. Narayanaswamy, V. Narayanan, 2012, Effect of Heater Size on Confined Subcooled Jet Impingement Boiling, Proc. ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference, Puerto Rico, USA, paper-ID:  HT2012-58205
  • S. Abishek, R. Narayanaswamy, V. Narayanan, 2011, Transient Characteristics of Confined Submerged Laminar Jet Impingement Heat Transfer from a Vibrating Heater, Proc. 21st National and 10th International ISHMT-ASME Heat and Mass Transfer Conference, Chennai, India, pp. 281-290

ε. Reports/ Theses

  • Single Phase and Boiling Heat Transfer under Steady and Pulsating Confined Jet Impingement (Ph.D)
  • Numerical Investigation of Oblique Shock-Shock Interaction in a 2-Dimensional Duct (MSc.)
  • Conjugate Forced Convection in a Vertical Channel with Discrete Heat Source on One Wall and Constant Heat Flux on the Other Wall (B. Tech.)
  • Determination of Differential and Finite View Factors for Various Geometries with or without Intervening Objects [*]
  • Determination of Visibility Matrix for Various Elements in an Enclosure Accounting for Shadowing Effects [*]
    [*] Parts of an Indian Space Research Organization sponsored R&D project (2004-2007)

ζ. Book(s)

  • S. Abishek, Mathematics is Mathematically Incorrect,  Institute of Illogical Thinking (I-I-T), (to be published soon)

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